Friday, April 9, 2010


COVER of new Jalifstudio movie shot in Boxer Barcelona
Agenda of the events organized by Boxer Barcelona for 2010
Video of Boxer Barcelona live show at Metro gay club in Barcelona

Last wednesday April the 7th BOXER BARCELONA FETISH SHOP ( celebrated its 3rd anniversary with a big party in Metro gay disco of Barcelona (
Jalifstudio ( had the privilege to be there to celebrate this happy event and to present its new movie BOXER BARCELONA FIST'N'FUCK ORGY that have been totally shot in Boxer shop.
If you are planning a visit to Barcelona, Boxer shop is a place you can not miss!
After three years of hard work, these guys are showing us how professional they are, what a good taste they have (you only must have a look at their shop) and how to organise nice, interesting and exciting events (like Lederfest Barcelona, Skinmates Barcelona and Extremoberlin, with the collaboration of Berlin Dark fetish club and Only Men's club)
That's why, for their 3rd anniversary party, we all were sure that the night was going to be exciting and fun! We can tell!
From the very beginning was a nice party. The venue was full of sexy men from the very beginning; so it was easy to wait till the show started at 3.30 in the morning.
People could watch a video introduced by Spin (co-owner of Boxer Barcelona) and Macanao Torres (Jalifstudio's porn star) showing the shop.
Toni Arroyo, Metro's showman, introduced the show with his personal sense of humour (it was worth to see him dressed with Boxer clothes!).
The show started with the trailer of Jalifstudio's new movie "Boxer Barcelona Fist'n'fuck Orgy" to introduce the smart and exciting live show. Manuel Roko and David Korben rose the temperature of the venue with a hot live sex show (that will give you an idea of what you are going to find in the movie; that was totally shot at the shop). Jalifstudio's music composer, Dieter van Grill, compose a great music for that part of the show!
After that Jackie Jr. group (great dancers they are!) end the show with a special appearance for that special night!
All the artists, porn actors and dancers, were dressed by Boxer Barcelona fetish shop! Don't miss the video of the show!
Many people went home with nice BOXER T-shirts and tickets to visit the shop and get DVDs of Jalifstudio new movie for free! (the movie will be launched the 20th of April. Of course you can buy it at Boxer Barcelona)
Jalifstudio wishes you all the best!
Jalif & Frank Romeo

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