Saturday, January 12, 2008


When he was hardly 20 years old he held a whip torture in Barcelona Eagle club, Alberto De Palma knew very well what he was doing. He studyed philosophy and he is an occasional musician. He began in the SM as submissive since he was and he continues being convinced that the total stimulation of the body happens to feel the limit of enjoyment and pain. It is no wonder that the Department of Philosophy of the Faculty of Philosophy of the UNED called him to give conferences on the Queer Theory and the sadomasochism. Alberto De Palma has always fought to obtain to the visibility for gay peapole with his sexual beliefs. He has very seriously declared that “a shag without fisting is very boring” and he appears in porn films to put in practice - and to give us a masters class- his instincts of pain and pleasure. In Germany he is well knonw because of his films “Papi” or “FIST” of Cazzo and Vaagevur .
And in Spain he has reached the glory thanks to Jalifstudio and the transgressor film “Raw Dirty Bastards”: he won the prize to Best supporting actor (being obviously a main performance) in HeatGay 2007 Gay Porn Festival. “Dirty Raw Bastards”, directed by Jalif and produced by Frank Romeo, is about a very dirty encounter of two very vicious dudes (interpreted by Alberto De Palma and Pedro): they start witht piss games in a famous cruising area in Barcelona and end up with hard fisting at Pedro's house.
A must that, from time to time, you should review.
Text: Ramon Redel.
Photo: Jalif.

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