Friday, February 27, 2009


Jalifstudio has signed an agreement of colaboration with Stop-Sida, that is an associaton of volonteers dedicated to help gay people and to fight against AIDS.
This agreement will last all this year. Stop-Sida and Jalifstudio will put efforts together to spread the message of safe-sex, and the use of condom in anal penetration.
For this reason, Jalifstudio will include in every DVD a kit with condom and lub suplied by Stop-Sida. The logo of Stop-Sida will appear in the covers of Jalifstudio and a video clip at the beginning of the films. We start this colaboration with our last movie, Kings of Piss 2, that, as you already know, will be about the 15th of March in the shops and in our on-line store.
If you want to learn more about this organization you can visit its web site:
This video was made by Jalifstudio for a party at Martin's disco in Barcelona, organized by Stop-Sida to promote safe-sex.
Besotes y lametazos.


If you are looking for a good tattoo artist you can go to this blog and ask for this great artist services. I had the pleasure (and pain...!) of being tatooed by him.
You will also be able to see the oil portraits he makes of different artists: musicians, directors, actors...

192- POSITIVE REVIEW OF "Open Mind.Fist session" IN AVN

We found this review of our film "Open Mind. Fist session" (in USA is called "Fist Club") in one of the most important on-line magazines that talks about the Porn Industry.
It is nice that we start getting well known in USA and, of course, we like the say good things about our films.
If you want to learn more about the gay porn industry you can go to:
Saludos y mordiscos.


We found a web site that talks about Jalifstudio. We found it quit funny and we have literally copied the text. It says:
"People say we are what we eat. So, we are also what we use to get sexualy excited. Porn is an important part of gay life. Even more now a days since internet came into our lives. I don't watch porn. How do you dare to say so?!...but I have a friend that watches all kind of porn. He tells me everything about it and, since I like analizing everything, I came to the conclusion that we are the porn we watch. So here you have the list I made..."
They go on with a list of the main porn producers. Among them is Jalifstudio. This is what they say about people that watches Jalifstudio's movies. It's a jocke but it is quiet funny:
"Jalifstudio: You hardly finished secondary School. Your first job was not the best one and, so, here you are, trying to survive. You were probably born in a working-class suburb o maybe in the rear seat of a cheap car while your mother was partying in an after hours. You are a bit dirty and you use a cheap perfume. To have a shag with you is a new adventure every day. You spit on me today, tomorrow you wear sportive gear and step on me, the day after you piss on me and, the next day, you wear leather oufit. It's always a surprise!"
If you want to know, for instance, how a fan of Cazzo or Bel-Ami is like go to
It is in Spanish...


Aitor Crash & Peto Coast: two big guys for "Kigs of Piss 2" cover.
We can not resit any longer to show you the cover of "Kings of Piss 2"; although you must still wait two weeks to have the films in your hands. This film is, as always, directed by Jalif and produced by Frank Romeo.
I think it is a very exciting cover and hope it makes you horny.
13 hunks took part in the shooting of this film (plus some other guys that made little colaborations).
I am sure you know the guys in the cover. Aitor Crash is one of our most international actors: he made his first appearence in porn in our second film "Kings of Piss"(and now he comes back wetter than ever!). He also appears in "Street Dogs" and "Open Mind. Fist session". If you think his was hot in "Kings of Piss" you will be totally attonished in this second part: Aitor Crash and newcomer Nicos Casanovas rise the temperature till the top!
Peto Coast is a Deusch guy that works a lot in Germany. He is 6.23 feet tall (and his cock goes with his high).
It is the first time we invite two guys from abrodad to take part in one of our productions. We were not disappointed at all.
I will tell you more in next news; where I will introduce the rest of the guys that have made "Kings of Piss 2" one of the dirtiest films of Jalifstudio.
Un lametazo húmedo.


From left to right: Turbo, Joe Groc and Manu Perro-Nash, at the scene shot in Berlin Dark club. in his on-line magazine (february issue) deicates five pages to our actors Manu Perro-Nash and Turbo. They talk about his participation in the shooting of Jalifstudio's last production "Kings of Piss".
It is a very interesting interview where this two hunks talk about his first experience in porn and how they decided to go into this exciting world. You will also be able to watch the first pics of "Kings of Piss 2" that we took in the first scene of the fim shot at Berlin Dark club in its first anniversay.
Telechapero is a very interesting web site: hustler seccion, news, videos and many more things.
We highly recomend this web site.


The actors of Jalifstudio Turbo and Manu Perro-Nash have a new blog. You would be able to follow all the news about this two Spanish sexy guys, that has started his porn career in Jalifstudio's last film KINGS OF PISS 2. We wellcome them and wish them luck.
You can visit their blog at: