Friday, October 22, 2010


One of Jalifstudio's sexiest actors, Ger Rodríguez, is in the City of New York for some days of hollydays. He sent us this pics taken in the city with our T-shirt on.
You can watch Ger Rodríguez in action in our new movie "UNDERGROUND SEX. METRO DISCO BCN"
Have fun sexy!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010



Last 4th of March, Jalif was interviewed in "Via Lactia", The TV program conducted by the spanish tv star Jordi Gonzalez for Canal 8 channel. Jalif was talking about his films and showed us how Jalif makes his own castings.


Las Saturday the 22nd we celebrated in Martin’s disco a party to collaborate with Stop Sida, a non government organization dedicated to fight against AIDS. There were many exiting live shows like Fran Reyes and the one with our favourite actor Macanao Torres, which was the main attraction of the night. He was there as a representation of Jalifstudio to give our last movie “Massive Cocks at Boyberry (pollones en Boyberry”) to all those who dared to go up on the stage and lick the cream from Macanao’s nipples… as you might know, there was many volunteers…Who can resist eating Macanao?. There was a big party, many sexy man and lots of many dirty situations.
At the second floor of Martin’s disco, near the pool table, there was a special photo call where all the costumers could have a picture with the actors, don’t miss the Photo Gallery to see how fun it was!
From here, we want to thanks all those that assisted the party to collaborate with Stop Sida. We are sure the all had very, very good time.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Saturday 14th of June was celebrated the London Hustlaball for the first time at Area @Depot, located in the gay area of Vauxhall. Jalifstudio was invited to participate as Spanish gay porn producers among other porn people as Chichi LaRue, that introduced the party, and the American porn actors Lukas Ridgeston, Steve Cruz, Ben Andrews, Carlos Morales, the French one François Sagat and the English ones Tommy Haine, Cristian Torrrent and Kane Or' Ferrell. Between all of them our actors Macanao, Aitor Crash, Martin Mazza and Alexander Ferrer that were those that brought more color and heat to the party with two live sex shows in the highlights of the evening. The celebration began at 21 hours and people already was queuing there, while our staff was being photographed and interviewed by televisions of different countries that attended to cover the event. Once we finished talking to the press guys we went to the dressing rooms to prepare the performances; while Chichi LaRue brightened up the beginning of the evening playing good music ant the entrance hall. Don’t miss the video of what happened at the dressing room: it was crazy: porn actors, directors, transsexuals, singers, dancers and musicians cheer it up at every moment inside and outside. There were showman Ernesto Tomasini (“The voice in drag”) and the composer and pianist player Othon, trans Adriana, well known Suzie Krueger and porn actor Ben Andrews who was very hot wearing his glasses and suit and necktie. It was impressive to see what he took out of his zip. Was it big? Yes, it was very big! The first show was run by Macanao and Alejandro Ferrer: they rose the temperature very high with a live sex performance at 2,30 a.m. when the club was already jammed with sexy guys. We want to congratulate both of them for being so professional and nice. It was for both the first time that made this type of show and they behaved like champions. Congratulations to Macanao and Alejandro Ferrer! To end their performance they gave t-shirts of Jalifstudio to the audience; and it seems that they pleased much since we could see and photograph to good part of the assistants with our t-shirts on Disc jockeys as the famous Jack Chang made sweat to the rock with their sound underground while the second performance of Jalifstudio, with Aitor Crash and Martin Mazza, was about to to arrive. At 3,30 our boys raised the stage and soon they monopolized everyone attention. There was hard fuck action, boxing, pissing and much fun. People really enjoyed it! After the performances we could be more relaxed and we could take a look at all the rooms. I was not easy to walk: it was totally packed!!. A tide of sexy guys moved without stopping from the dance floors to the bars and, from the toilets to the terrace, which it is the only site where it is possible to smoke. All the posters of our films” Sneakers and Cocks” (Zapas y Pollas) and “Open mind Barcelona. FIST session”, which we had hung in all premises, was disappearing. It seems that people liked them! It was an exhausting and very funny weekend. We had no time to see London, but London had the chance to see us!

347- 27-06-10 GAYPRIDE 2010 BARCELONA

Jalifstudio is proud to announce that we took part in the parade of the second Gay Pride Barcelon 2010. We shared a bus with METRO DISCO BCN and B&W. It was very successful: our bus appeared in the newspaper the day after! It was great having of those sexy hunks from Jalifstudio dancing and having fun on the top of the bus. The bus went from Universitat Square till Espanya Square in a trip that lasted more that two hours; with all the streets full of people that wanted to have fun with us!! Here you have the pics Jalif took on the top of the bus. We hope you enjoy them and we hope you will be here in Barcelona next year to join the party! If you click on the video and an error occurred, double click into the video and you will be able to see the video directly into


Last 10th of August 2008 we had the honour of taking part in the celebration of the first anniversary of Berlin Dark, a nice and hot club that is a very good place for those that are into leather and fetish scene.
All the staff of this club, headed by Josep, knows how to make people feel at home and make it to be a horny place. So this first anniversary was successful in advance.
We went there to collaborate with them with the shooting of a scene in the middle of the bar. This scene is going to be one of the hottest scenes in our next movie KINGS OF PISS 2.
We had lots of fun. People were very excited about watching the shooting of a porn movie for the first time. There was even more than one brave guy that spontaneously took part of the shooting.
As all of you may know the club was totally packed! Josep and Patricio know how to make it: the are great barmen and they know how to make their customers evil and dirty. They are the masters.
We did our best for the cinematographic experience to be unforgettable. Our dirty star Joe Groc was good doing his job. Many hard dicks in the place because of him! There were many newcomers with him that you will hear about them very soon: Manu74, Turbo, Angel Hierro and the short appearance of the famous actors Cristian Torrent and Tom Louis. Hugs and many thanks for all of them.
Here you have a few pics and a short video for you to have an idea of how fun the party was. You can also start having an idea of how dirty and hot KINGS OF PISS 2 is going to be!!.
Besos y lametazos for all those that join us at the wet party.
BERLIN DARK is always waiting for you. Its door is open for these people who want to try new and exciting experiences. You can check their agenda at


Last weekend Barcelona held its first International Leather Meeting:
Recon Barcelona Lederfest ’09.
There were several parties happening at Butch Bear, Boxer, Berlin Dark, Jalifstudio, New Chaps & Martin’s.
Jalifstudio and their boys went to all of them, it was a big success.
The meeting started on Thursday July 2 at Butch Bear, where there was a welcome party for the audience of this International meeting, which looks like it’s going to become an important European event.
The very nice guys from Boxer made it all work very smoothly. If you haven’t been to their store yet, you’re missing one of the best Fetish shops in Spain.
On Friday 4, after a dinner where all the organizers met, we all attended the strict leather code party at Berlin Dark which was totally packed.
Josep & Patrick did a very good job, the party was hot and very Fetish. The team from Jalifstudio was there to create a good atmosphere.
Saturday 5 came with a very tight agenda, there were afternoon events at Boxer (a Bondage display by Master Braxter) and Jalifstudio, with a doors open day where everyone willing to discover the most important gay adult production company in Spain was invited. And who was there but many of Jalifstudio’s best actors: Macanao Torres, Manu PerroNash and Turbo (thank you all sooo much for your dedication), Hugo Costa, Astroboi, Jorge Blanco, and newcomer Cristian Torrent. Many people came for a drink
and to see the photo and drawings exhibition prepared by Jalif (there were drawings by Astroboi as well), and, above all, to meet their favourite actors in person. Look at the pictures and video and see for yourself how fun it was… The most spectacular moment
was the live sex performance by Turbo, Manu PerroNash & Cristian Torrent. It was a good opportunity to see and touch our fantastic sex machine Do not miss the video!
All of Jalifstudio's actors were dressed by for Lederfest!
At night the parties followed non-stop: fun, & drinks at New Chaps early in the evening, and from 2 am on the party continued at Martin’s. The place was jammed with hot men in leather & the whole Jalifstudio team was there also.
All the events worked real well, we’re sure next year will be even better & improved.
You’re all invited to give us your opinion & suggestions.
It was about time Barcelona had a leather meeting, and this was a very good start.
We’re already planning next year’s event, you can’t miss it!
Jalif & Frank Romeo


As we announced weeks ago, last Saturday the 14th of March, we screened Jalifstudio’s “Kings of Piss 2” at Berlin Dark fetish bar in Barcelona.
We knew that many people was waiting for this event; but we were very surprised because the club got so packed that many people couldn’t go in. We are sorry for those that could not enter the place. Next time we will try to let all the guys go in!
From the very beginning customers were welcome by volunteers (sexy guys they are!). They gave to every single customer some information about safer sex.
About 1 a.m. director Jalif and producer Fank Romeo introduced the film. After that “Kings of Piss 2” was screened for the first time in public. People could make pictures with the actors, and also with Jalif and Frank Romeo.
We gave Jalifstuio’s T-shirts and posters signed by the actors Turbo, Manu Perro-Nash, Rovitoni, Joe Groc and Tom Louis. You can see all of them in the movie.
The nite was very exciting and very wet (as you can see in the pics). That nite was double yellow, since it was “Kings of Piss 2” premier and, also, the Piss session of Berlin Dark, that take place the 14th of every month!
We want to thanks again team, team, team, all the people and friends that joined us and, of course, our actors Turbo, Manu Perro-Nash, Joe Groc, Rovitoni and Tom Louis for raising the temperature of the nite!
We also want to thanks Ander and Victor,, and Santiago,, for making the effort to travel to Barcelona to be with us.
Besos y lametazos.


Last Wednesday, February the 17th, Jalifstudio presented its new service Jalifstudio's filthiest scenes for your mobile all over the world. You will see in the pictures how all these sexy guys from Jalifstudio use their mobiles…
The night was very crowdy and hot. Jalifstudio's sexiest studs rose the temperature of that winter night in Barcelona's Metro disco (www.metrodiscobcn)
Famous Macanao Torres, David Korben, Kid Chocolate, Manuel Roko, Toni Duke, Jhony C, David Nowak & Pau Kbron were there to make the night exciting and hot!
All the people had fun with Jalifstudio's studs and they took home a nice t-shirt.
About 3.30 in the morning the dirtiest moment came with Macanao Torres and David Korben live sex show. No one was disappointed…these two sexy studs know how to have a good shag!
Here you have pics and videos.
Don't miss Jalifstudio's hardest scenes all over the world with your 3G mobile! You will find there a free tour section for you to have an idea of the hot content.
You can have the best of Jalifstudio in you pocket for only 1,95$ per day!


This year Jalifstudio has been present at Sleazy Madrid’09 ( as one of the main sponsors. SleazyMadrid has already become one of the most important festish meetings in Europe. From the 29th of April till the 3rd of May Madrid has been the place to be for those who are into leather, sport gear, latex, industrial, workers or skins. And Jalifstudio is proud to be one of the sponsors of the big party.

We think we have done a good job. At least we did our best and people were very excited about our work and our live sex show at Strong Center ( the night of the 2nd of May. Macanao Torres (he is great!), Martin Mazza, Jorge Blanco and Rubén Rodríguez make easy a very difficult show. We think that all the people that were present at the big disco had a great time with their fantastic show full of energy. Jalifstudio chose for that night the presentation of one very exciting sex machine ( that was the big surprise of the event.

The guys also could watch our latest films in every single screen: “Kings of Piss 2” and “Massive Cocks at Boyberry”. And, as always, many of them took home a pack with Jalifstudio’s T-shirts and many interesting flyers of the most interesting clubs in Madrid and Barcelona, and, of course, the pack of StopSida ( ) that we include in every movie!.

Sunday the 3rd of May we took a rest that we deserved and around 8 in the evening we went to the big fetish party “Into the Tank”. It was really fun. This party is definitely a must!

From Monday the 4th till Saturday the 9th of May, we shot a new movie with all the new guys we discovered in the casting that Jalifstudio has organized tree days before (the 1rst of May) at fetish club Odarko (

This new film is going to be one of the most exciting we have ever made. New guys like Alex Krum, Félix Coyote, Ángel Hernando, Andy Davidson, Jorge Bellantinos and Mario Domenech have made it possible with other sexy Jalifstudio’s guys that you already know, like Astroboi, Carlos Pires, Manu PerroNash, Ángel Hierro and Turbo.

Thanks to all of you guys for making these 10 days in Madrid so unforgettable!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Last Wednesday the 17th of June Jalifstudio celebrated a party at Metro Disco in Barcelona to present its last movie “Folladas a Sako. Vol.4. Dirty Fuckers in Barcelona” The club got packed and we had fun! Before the sex live show all the guys and girls that assisted the event could photograph themselves with the actors of Jalifstudio Jhony C, Kid Chocolate, Astroboi, Turbo y Manu PerroNash. Jalifstudio’s photocall is becoming a classic! After that funny time at the photocall the main event started at 3.30. Turbo and Manu PerroNash rose the temperature of the club with their dirty and exciting live sex show: lost of piss, fighting and snekers and sox licking. Pure Jalifstudio’s style! These two guys did it very well. We want to thanks them! Afeter the show, those that wanted to take home a “Folladas a Sako.Vol,4” DVD had to get into the scenario and suck Turbo and Manu PerroNash’s cocks! And there were more volunteers than gifts! An exciting nite it was! We want to thanks all the people that joined us and all our actors and staff for their invaluable help! We also thanks very much Metro’s staff; specially Josep and Toni Arroyo (the show man that, as always, did an intelligent and sarcastic show). We remind you all that the 5th of August we are going to celebrate a huge party at Metro disco for Jalifstudio’s 3erd anniversary. Big surprises and many exciting things we are preparing for you!

Jalif & Frank Romeo


Last Wednesday the 20th of August 2008 Jalifstudio celebrated his second anniversary at METRO Disco in Barcelona.
I want to thanks all those who came to join us in this very special event. We also want to thanks all the people that could not assist; we know the all were with us in our harts. This is what counts for us!
We appreciate the collaboration of all the magazines and TV channels that were there to cover the event: “Primera Linea” and “”, “Gay Barcelona”, “Nois”, “Zero Magazine” and “Toni Rovira y Tu” TV program.
Thanks a lot to the owner of Metro Disco, Josep Mari Coll, and the public relations, Josep, who were very helpful. We don’t want to forget about all the staff of Metro: they are the best professionals and they are so fucking sexy! And, of course, thanks to Tony Arroyo that is a super show woman.
I don’t want to forget mentioning all our friends that came to be with us after working so hard in their own bars: hugs for all the guys of “Berlin Dark”, “”, “Boxer” the fetish shop, “Bear Factory”, “Sestienda”, “Zeus”, “Nostromo”, Matinée Group”, “Martins” and “La Base”. Big kisses for Joan Igual of “Boyberry” and all his staff. This week we finally finished the shooting of our last movie in Boyberry: it’s going to be very dirty and hot. We will keep you informed.
What can we say about our staff? For us, Frank and I Jalif, they are the best! Nacho, our photographer did a great job. Pedro, our camera man, was so fucking busy all nite long. Pics and videos can be seen here.
Macano Torres, Martin Mazza, Giuliano Giusepino and Fabio Costa are great actors: very professional, nice guys and so fucking hot. They were the soul of the party. What else can we ask for? They knew how to rise the temperature before, during and after the live sex show. They were the entire time ready with a smile to be photographed with all the people who wanted to have a pic with them. They also made very good and hot interviews for TV.
We think that the live sex show did not disappoint anyone. People were expecting a very hardcore show (Jalifstudio’s way). The show was a fighting in four rounds. Our dear and famous show woman Baby PinUp was the referee of the battle. She was so kind to make his short appearance in our show. We love her. Thanks a lot for everything. The sex show was getting dirtier and dirtier from the first round to the last one: sucking, fighting, rimming, pissing, sneakers and fucking with no mercy.
After the show there was Jalifstudio Tshirs for everyone, and many DVDs of our last movie “Sneakers and Cocks (Zapas y Pollas), that we were also presenting that night.
To end the nite, those who dared to take the underwear of Macano Torres and Martin Mazza with their own teeth, they could keep our stars underwear.
The disco was so fucking packed ( people were waiting in a long line to get in). We are proud of it.
It was a good chance to say hello to all our friends and to make new ones!
Hugs for all that came to the party, to those that could not come and even for those that did not want to be there.
Haven was underground!
Till the next one!!
Jalifstudio: Frank Romeo and Jalif.

Monday, October 18, 2010


3 years had passed by since we started our Spanish porn adventure. We wanted to celebrate it with a big party at Metro Disco in Barcelona.
For this reason we invited 10 of our actors to make a big, dirty and exciting party: Macanao Torres, Manu Perro Nash and Ruben Rodriguez (assisted by Turbo Leon and Jorge Blanco) for the main live sex show. Kid Chocolate, Kid Barraca and Alex Krum for the second live sex show. Angel Hierro that came from Madrid only for that night and our photographer and actor Astroboi that made these great pics.

Metro Disco’ slogan says:“now the glory is underground”. And in Jalifstudio’s 3rd anniversary was more than ever.

Once you have passed the main door illuminated by two cinema focuses, the team of Stop Sida welcomed you and then you had to follow the red carpet till the famous Jalifstudio’s photo call where everybody could be photographed with Jalifstudio’s sexy actors.

Many people wanted to join us and we want to thank everybody for their support in that very important night for us. Giles Hirst and Tony Anzizu (editors of Private’s Man-Size gay line), Guillermo Hernáiz (editor of Primera Linea, Spanish famous magazine), and Karina Moure (famous TV stripper) among many others were there.

After having a funny time at the photo call, the show started with two songs played by Barb@zul (Spanish gay group that is starting to be very well known. They composed the song for the Barcelona’s gay pride of this year). They composed a special song for us: a dirty one with lyrics of Javier Bravo and music by Barb@zul.

After that special appearance the main live sex show came: Macanao Torres,Manu PerroNash and Ruben Rodriguez (assisted by Turbo Leon and Jorge Blanco) rose the temperature of the club with the dirtiest threesome in our sex machine . The audience became crazy with these sexy Spanish bastards on stage.I saw some of the guys at the audience with a very heavy hard on (I saw it!). These guys did a great job!!

There was a little brake for our guys after that. Every one could chat and dance with them.

But still the last surprised came when Tony Arroyo (one of the best show men in Barcelona) announced that there was another live sex show over the pool table in the opposite side of the venue. Kid Chocolate and Kid Barraca (with the special and dirty collaboration of Alex Krum) drove people crazy with the hottest and dirtiest show: lost of piss and SM. It was here that people could get one Jalifstudio’s DVD (Folladas a Sako. Vol.4. Dirty fuckers in Barcelona) if they dared to get involved in the show. And, believe me, we run out with the DVDs very fast!

We also gave, as always, many Jalifstudio T-shirts.

We wish lots of success for them. They are good friends and they are always there supporting us.

See you next year

338-18/08/10 4th ANNIVERSARY OF JALIFSTUDIO IN METRO DISCO BCN celebrated the 18th of August its 4th anniversary at METRO DISCO BCN in Barcelona.
This time there was double celebration: Jalifstudio's 4th anniversary and de premier of our new movie UNDERGROUND SEX IN METRO DISCO BCN. This new Jalifstudio movie was entirely shot at
The decoration was very special for this important party: a red carpet at the entrance of the venue, surrounded by big poster of all the movies made by Jalifstudio, welcome all the actors and fans that made a great party. The disco was totally packed and the event was a great success. Three big screens showed the movie all night long in different settings of the disco. There was funny and hot shows all night long. From 1 to 3 a.m. people could talk to their favorite actors, have fun taking pictures at the new and sexy photocall and touching Jalifstudio's sexy hunks. Tony Duque, Iván Alonso, Jota Salaz, Ger Rodríguez, Turbo León, Manu PerroNash, Jhony C, Yenier, David Novak, Astroboi, Kid Chocolate, Manuel Roko and Alex Krum were the hot attraction of the night. The new how to rise the temperature of the night before the first live sex show started: a very special tennis macht with two dirty and hot players! Alex Krum and Ivan Alonso drove people crazy with one of the dirtiest live sex shows: fuck action, violence, blow jobs and dildos. Fifteen minutes of pure sex while the rest of the actors were there spiting beer over them.
After the show we gave t-shirts to everyone that assisted the event and the luckiest ones took home an original UNDERGROUND SEX IN DISCO BCN dvd.
That was not the end of the night! twenty minutes later Jhony C and Ger Rodriguez close the party with the hottest live sex show on the pool. These two sexy hunks drove people crazy! The party was a total success!
We want to thanks METRO DISCO BC owner and staff for their help and all the people that assisted the event!
Here you can see the pictures and videos of the party.
We wait for all of you next year!!