Monday, January 14, 2008


Yes, the guy in the cover is me: Jalif. Sourounded by three beautties as they are Mónica Vera, Lesly Kiss and Sophie Evans; all of them awarded with the Nymph to better actress of the FICEB (International erotic film festival of Barcelona). Soon you will be able to see this straight movie directed by my good friend Pepe Catman and produced by Thagson. I don't know how Pepe always convince me to take part in many of his projects. The truth is that always have fun: it is interesting seeing how other directors work and watching straigth porn stars in action. But don't expect to see me fucking in this movie (for that you will have to wait for the release of Jalifstudio “OPEN MIND BARCELONA”).
The only thing that I do in this movie is shooting everyone with my revolver. I do not understand why although my angel face I always play bad boy caracters. Talion is a film with much action and much sex, with very a well elaborated script. Here you have a synopsis: Claire is going to look for the body of his sister assassinated in the great city and there she initiates an authentic infernal way when she is introduced in the hidden life of the deceased in a universe of Mafia, violence and ruthless sex.

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