Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Original title: "Open Mind Barcelona"Año de producción: 2008
Nationality: Spain
Director: Jalif
Producer: Frank Romeo
Script: Jalif
Photography: Jalif
Camera: Frank Romeo
Music: Pedro Parrilla
Still pictures: Ramon Redel & Jalif
Edition: Frank Romeo
Lenght: 2 h. 10'
Digital Stereo Sound

Aitor Crash
Rafa Madrid
Pig Punk
Josep Deep
Tom Louis
Alfa Jota

Wellcome to the dirtiest and hottest sex club in town! This is Open Mind in Barcelona: two floors with all kind of gadgets to enjoy sex. Crosses, slings, cages, fist zone and piss zone.
If you are into leather, sport gear, pissing and fisting, just come in and join all these raunchy dirty lads making hot sex.
It is day time. Aitor Crash (you know him from Kings of Piss, Casting Madrid and Street Dogs) goes to Open Mind to have fun. While he is waiting to go in, Pig Punk (fucking sexy tattooed newcomer) also arrives to the place. They immediately realize they are going to have a good time inside.
The club is very busy. Newcomers Josep Deep, Saxon and Alfa Jota are having a break. They drink a beer before starting fisting again. Soon you will know why Josep Deep has such a name: he can take anything up his ass!
Macanao (our sexy raunchy lad from Kings of Piss and Street Dogs), Rafa Madrid and Roko (both muscled hung men discovered in Casting Madrid) don’t waste their time. Roko sucks cocks, get pissed and fucked by both of them. He never gets enough. These three guys know how to rise the temperature in the piss zone.
When they finish to work Roko’s ass, they left him tied up in a cage and they go upstairs for heavy fist action with Colon (fucking sexy newcomer with wide ass and huge cock).
All the guys downstairs are into heavy fist action. Josep Deep gets fisted by all of them: you won’t believe when he takes this mega sized dildo up his ass.
Tom Louis (the devil from Street Dogs), the bar tender, leaves the guys playing downstairs and go to the upper floor to join Macanao, Rafa Madrid and Colon. You will learn how Colon (great discovery) can suck two thick cocks ant the same time while taking a fist up his ass. He get fisted by the three of them.
By this time, skinhead Javi (from Solos. Casting Barcelona- Vol.1) goes into the bar. He just likes wanking in a cage while watching all the guys stretching their asses. Don’t miss Javi’s cum shot: liters of cum falling over the lens.
Tom Louis, after seeing how Macanao cums twice over Colon face, goes downstairs to join the fist orgy. You will see stretched holes and monster dildos.
Don’t miss our muscled tattooed star Aitor Crash that bottoms in fist for the first time!
Our latest production full of new fucking sexy faces (Colon, Pig Punk. Saxon, Josep Deep and Alfa Jota). This is plenty of big cocks and tattooed muscled hairy guys in leather and sport gear playing fist and yellow right the way you like it.
Come in Open Mind Barcelona to play with us!

Text: Jalif

Photo: Ramon Redel

Models: Aitor Crash, Saxon, Pig Punk, Tom Louis, Alfa Jota & Josep Deep

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