Sunday, January 27, 2008


The Spanish porn star Martin Mazza organized a super party last Saturday night 26 in the disco Cool of Madrid.
The disco was not only full of handsome people, there were a lot of muscular boys, porn actors and famous people who were very animated all nite long.
We could see Carlos Resa (director of Heatgay Festival); the prestigious photographer Joan Crisol, so amused as always; the ex-porno star and now Dj. Filippo Romano; the muscular Chrisitan Pol; the boy dancers Carlos Jr., Jorge and Josu; The beauties Crystal, La Faraona and Sonia La Tacones; porn star Anthony Martinez; handsome Giuliano Giusepino; the Journalist Hilario Pino and last but not least, the handles Jorge Contreras.
On stage, porn stars Carlo Masi and Adam Champ (from Colt Company) showed us why the are some of the most “macho man” from the international gay porn panorama. Their live porn-show was A Category.
But the most concurred corner of Cool disco that night was the photo call of Jalifstudio. In front of it everybody was photographed. From here we want to thank Jesús, Edu, Rubén, Pedro, Erickson, Raúl, Andry, Guander, Fabián, Fernando, Stefan, Teiro, Javi, Dani, Bengio, Enrique, Jorge, Bruno, Félix, Carlos, Rogerio, Miguel, Aron, Alex, José, Lolito, Antonio, Josu, John, Víctor, Javier, Aitor, Alberto, Borja, David, Fernando, Juan, Eros, César, Rafa, Miguel, Fabrizio, Alejandro, Zach and so many others that accompanied Jalif (director), Frank Romeo (producer) and Macanao (actor of Jalifstudio) throughout all the party. Thank to all!
Text: Ramon Redel.
Photos: Ramons Redel.

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