Monday, February 11, 2008


He was born the 13th of November of 1980 by the Rio De la Plata in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Nacho Corallini waa soon interested in show business.

He began his career making graphical publicities for the most prestigious discoteques of its native city before jumping to centerstage as an advertising model and as gogo in shows that he himself designed.

When he was 19 years old, this Buenosairean blonde honeyeyed guy, decided to extend his horizons and landed in Brazil and Uruguay where he had quick success. His attractive face and his 80 kgs. perfectly distributed in his 1,78 Mt made him an acclaimed model in the most important advertising agencies.

Knowing that in Europe it would obtain better opportunities to expand his knowledge, Nacho Corallini settled down in Barcelona where he has worked as fashion model for catalogues like Minyfune or My M8. Thanks to these works he met photograph Jalif with whom collaborated later on in impressive photographic sessions for prestigious magazines Pirate and Sex of Private company. He was also at that time working as gogo and stripper all over Catalonia, Ibiza and Italy.

Nowadays, Nacho has in his curriculum some works in straight porn movies for Private and their scene in Jalifstudio's “Solos. Casting Barcelona - Vol.1 " . A scene that you shouldn't miss. Nacho Corallini has bombproof photogenic quality and Jalif has known how to catch his potential in hundreds of photos. You can see some of them in
Texto: Ramon Redel.
Fotos: Jalif.

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