Tuesday, June 17, 2008


From right to left: Aitor Crash, Frank Romeo, Alejandro Ferrer, Macanao Torres and Martin Mazza.

From right to left: Macanao Torres, Matin Mazza, Alejandro Ferrer, Jalif, Frank Romeo, Chichi la Rue, Aitor Crash, Steve Cruz , Lukas Ridgeston and Fran├žois Sagat's tottooed head. At the hotel before the party at Area@Depot

This weekend we went to London Hustlaball party taking place in Vauxhall area, where all the gay bars are. We were there with famous people as ChiChi LaRue, Fran├žois Sagat, Carlos Morales and Steve Cruz. Jalifstudio presented two live sex shows. At 2.30 in the morning Macanao and Alejandro Ferrer performed the first show in a very crowded disco. People were totally surprised by their hot performance. Very sexy and wet! An hour later, Martin Mazza and Aitor Crash, made the second show with boxing and plenty of piss. Soon you'll be able to see the videos and pics

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