Friday, February 27, 2009


Aitor Crash & Peto Coast: two big guys for "Kigs of Piss 2" cover.
We can not resit any longer to show you the cover of "Kings of Piss 2"; although you must still wait two weeks to have the films in your hands. This film is, as always, directed by Jalif and produced by Frank Romeo.
I think it is a very exciting cover and hope it makes you horny.
13 hunks took part in the shooting of this film (plus some other guys that made little colaborations).
I am sure you know the guys in the cover. Aitor Crash is one of our most international actors: he made his first appearence in porn in our second film "Kings of Piss"(and now he comes back wetter than ever!). He also appears in "Street Dogs" and "Open Mind. Fist session". If you think his was hot in "Kings of Piss" you will be totally attonished in this second part: Aitor Crash and newcomer Nicos Casanovas rise the temperature till the top!
Peto Coast is a Deusch guy that works a lot in Germany. He is 6.23 feet tall (and his cock goes with his high).
It is the first time we invite two guys from abrodad to take part in one of our productions. We were not disappointed at all.
I will tell you more in next news; where I will introduce the rest of the guys that have made "Kings of Piss 2" one of the dirtiest films of Jalifstudio.
Un lametazo húmedo.

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