Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Hello to every body! This entrance number 216 comes with a text in a diferent colour (and it will be the only one!), because I want it to be one of the most important of our blog.
My business partner and I arrived to Madrid 12 days ago with the aim of doing a good job at the SleazyMadrid party. Since we were one of the main sponsors we wanted our party at Strong Center ( saturday the 2nd of May) to be unforgettable. We also wanted to shoot a new movie in Madrid if we found new talented guys at the casting we organized at Odarko fetish club (friday the 1rst of May). Both projects were a success.
But above all, the best thing has been comming back to Barcelona with the feeling that we made new and great friends. Manu PerroNash and Turbo offered us their house and made us feel as if we were at home. This couple, apart from being great actors with a brilliant future in this business, they are very nice people!
"The Tasmanian deamon" and "the quiet man" (they konw who is whom) made us to fall in love even more with our job and get me to feel so confortable in this big city of Madrid. And I think I am right if I say that my business partner and producer Frank Romeo, our great musician and composer Dieter van Grill and Astroboi (our new photographer and actor; that did a great job) felt the same as me.
Our harts are now bigger because they must make room for two new friends: Manu and Turbo. Live always brings you nice surprises when you less spect them!
We also must thank SleazyMadrid organization (Tony Blanko, Carranco and big Diego) and the Strong Center crowd: specially Miguel and Nico.
Big kisses for Ander (http://www.telechapero.com/) and Víctor.
Thanks to all the actors for being so patient with me and so professional.
So special thanks to Macanao Torres, that made a great job as always. Also many thanks to Martin Mazza, Rubén Rodríguez and Jorge Blanco. The four of them made possible a great show!
And, of course, always in my hart my dear friends Aitor, Joan Crisol and Alberto (Eagle's owner).
Long life to Checa, to Madrid and, if Turbo doesn't mind, long life to Barça Football Club!
Here you have a funny and sexy video for you to enjoy...
Jalif & Frank Romeo

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