Friday, July 24, 2009


Andy Davidson's front part
Andy Davidson's rear part. Sexy and dirty bastard!

Alex Krum's front part.

Alex Krum's rear part. Fucking sexy face!

Jorge Bellantinos' front part. Very good!

Jorge Bellantinos' rear part. Even better!

Angel Hernando's front part. Hot young guy!

Angel Hernando's rear part. Nice butt!

Mario Domenech's front part

Mario Domenech's rear part. We love these tattoes!

Angel Hierro's big front part

Angel Hierro's rear part. Not to be used this side...

Carlos Pires' front part. Thick!

Carlos Pires's rear part. Wide!

Manu PerroNash's front part. Sexy body and dirty mind!

Manu PerroNash's rear part. Very fuckable!

Turbo Leon's front part. Big man he is!

Turbo Leon. Rear side. Ummmm...

Here you have the nine dudes that you will find in the new film "Street Dogs in Chueca" (totally shot in the gay area of Madrid Chueca. Some of them have appeared in Jaifstudio productions: Turbo Leon, Manu PerroNash, Carlos Pires and Angel Hierro.
And five sexy and dirty newcomers: Mario Domenech, Angel Hernando, Jorge Bellantinos, Alex Krum and Andy Davidson.
We remind you that the movie will be launched at the beginning of September!

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