Monday, August 3, 2009


In the picture: Carlos Pires, Jorge Bellantinos, Mario Domenech and Turbo Leon.

Original Title: "Street Dogs in Chueca"
Year of production: 2009
Nationality: Spain
Director: Jalif
Producer: Frank Romeo
Script: Jalif
Photography: Jalif
Camera: Frank Romeo
Original score: Dieter van Grill
Still Picture: Astroboi
Editing: Frank Romeo
Lengh: 1h. 35'
Extras: 3o' of very exciting making of
photo gallery
Digital Stereo Sound
X rated

Manu PerroNash
Alex Krum
Angel Hierro
Andy Davidson
Carlos Pires
Jorge Bellantinos
Mario Domenech
Turbo Leon
Angel Hernando

After a long night of clubbing in the gay clubs of Chueca (the famous gay area of Madrid) our Street Dogs from Madrid go back home without sleeping and still very horny.
We can see at the beginning of the film Manu PerroNash leading us through the exciting streets of Chueca. He cruises everyone he finds in his way to Strong Centre where he will meet Alex Krum. They take the scooter and drive home. After parking the bike in the building parking site Manu PerroNash kneels down to drink Alex Krum’s piss right there. After that Alex pushes Manu inside the elevator totally naked and wet. Manu PerroNash does a nice blow to Alex in the way up to the penthouse. Lots of sneakers and feet licking at the terrace before Alex Krum fucks Manu hungry hole.
About eight in the morning Angel Hierro goes back home. He is still in the mood of having another good shag. He is lucky! He sees Andy Davidson sitting in the street and very horny too. Angel invites Andy to go to his house. They are so fucking horny that can’t wait to start sucking and pissing before going into the flat. Once they are in the house, Angel Hierro’s fat cock drills Andy Davidson’s incredible arse in all the positions. Don’t miss these two sexy as hell hunks fucking like devils!
At noon, Carlos Pires, Mario Domenech and Jorge Ballantinos finally arrive home after so many hours of clubbing. Jorge is so fucking drunk that his friends put him in the shower to wet him with water and piss.
Very exciting threesome when Carlos Pires fucks his horny two friends. He drills muscled Jorge’s and Mario’s arses non stop with his fat and veiny cock.
Later on, not far from there, young sexy Angel Hernando is washing dishes while his brother Turbo Leon laughs at him because of it. They start playing with a sausage that Turbo takes out of the fridge and the game ends up with another kind of sausages in their mouths and holes. Lots of cock sucking drilled arses and piss action.
Don’t miss these nine sexy Jalifstudio’s guys that make Street Dogs’ legend even bigger.

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