Friday, January 11, 2008

30- 2008 PROJECTS

The highest executive positions of Jalifstudio already have begun to outline what will be year 2008.

After long meetings , important decisions have been taken about new productions, scripts and distribution. And I, that always have my satellite connected to keep you informed, can tell you about some of the secrets better kept for this new season. Or almost…

In order to begin, the first opening of 2008 will be a very hard sex movie called “Open Mind Barcelona” where you will find all you like: leather, kinky, sport gear, piss games and lots of huge dildos and fisting. The film counts on a stellar cast headed by Aitor Crash, Macanao, Rafa Madrid and Roko (all of them very well known) and five more dirty and sexy newcomers. By the way, you will also see Jalif in his first sex-scene!

But in the 2008 also there will be site for the new faces in the new casting we are going to film at the beginning of January . The young promises of porno will show you how dirty and sexy they can behave in front of the camera. I know that a scene with muscular man whose initials are J.J. is finished and I can assure you that (by the moment) this mysterious J.J. knows how to stick a dildo up his ass.

Another one of the most interesting projects is the second part of our almost classic “Kings of piss”. Its title: “Kings of piss 2 - Gang Piss Bang”. It is not necessary to be a fortunated teller to give you an idea of what is going to happen in one scene that it's going to be the best of the year. By the way, you are still on time to take part in this movie…

One of the new challenges of Jalifstudio for this year will be simultaneously to make a film with a young and fresh cast although pig and vicious at the same time. It seems to me that the film will be taking place in a sex-shop where there will be no rest between cum shot and cum shot.
The script of the film - kept under seven keys - is full of dildos, pissed, face cum shots and some double penetration. It is rumoured that one of the main actors is a thin youngster, vicious and with a very receptive ass. Who will be, will be…?

Good, as you see, is not anything bad to begin the year, isn’t it? As soon as I have more news I will be explaining. Don't forget to visit Jalif's English blog.

Text by: Ramon Redel.
Foto by: Ramon Redel.

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