Friday, January 11, 2008


¡Habemus sex-symbol!

This has been the glorious exclamation that has made vibrate the millenarians (if one may use the expression) walls of Jalifstudio’s offices.

It has not been easy. 28 were the dudes for the title of Sex-Symbol Jalifstudio 2007. Lots of votes (to say hundreds would be to exaggerate) those that we have had to count.

And the chosen one has been… Aitor Crash!

The star of “Kings of piss”, “Street dogs” and “Casting Madrid - Vol.2” has captivated to fans and they have proclaimed him man of the year: A title that deserves so much because of his professionalism in front of the cameras and his kindness behind them.

We did not doubt that his perfect body (I’m crazy by his legs), his tattoes, his shaved head, his red haired knob, his naughty smile and his boyish eyes have been determining to be the first one among all Jalifstuio guys.

We have to thank all those that have taken the annoyance to vote and to remind you that in the 2008 there will be… more!

Texto: Ramon Redel.

Photo: Jalif

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