Monday, October 18, 2010


3 years had passed by since we started our Spanish porn adventure. We wanted to celebrate it with a big party at Metro Disco in Barcelona.
For this reason we invited 10 of our actors to make a big, dirty and exciting party: Macanao Torres, Manu Perro Nash and Ruben Rodriguez (assisted by Turbo Leon and Jorge Blanco) for the main live sex show. Kid Chocolate, Kid Barraca and Alex Krum for the second live sex show. Angel Hierro that came from Madrid only for that night and our photographer and actor Astroboi that made these great pics.

Metro Disco’ slogan says:“now the glory is underground”. And in Jalifstudio’s 3rd anniversary was more than ever.

Once you have passed the main door illuminated by two cinema focuses, the team of Stop Sida welcomed you and then you had to follow the red carpet till the famous Jalifstudio’s photo call where everybody could be photographed with Jalifstudio’s sexy actors.

Many people wanted to join us and we want to thank everybody for their support in that very important night for us. Giles Hirst and Tony Anzizu (editors of Private’s Man-Size gay line), Guillermo Hernáiz (editor of Primera Linea, Spanish famous magazine), and Karina Moure (famous TV stripper) among many others were there.

After having a funny time at the photo call, the show started with two songs played by Barb@zul (Spanish gay group that is starting to be very well known. They composed the song for the Barcelona’s gay pride of this year). They composed a special song for us: a dirty one with lyrics of Javier Bravo and music by Barb@zul.

After that special appearance the main live sex show came: Macanao Torres,Manu PerroNash and Ruben Rodriguez (assisted by Turbo Leon and Jorge Blanco) rose the temperature of the club with the dirtiest threesome in our sex machine . The audience became crazy with these sexy Spanish bastards on stage.I saw some of the guys at the audience with a very heavy hard on (I saw it!). These guys did a great job!!

There was a little brake for our guys after that. Every one could chat and dance with them.

But still the last surprised came when Tony Arroyo (one of the best show men in Barcelona) announced that there was another live sex show over the pool table in the opposite side of the venue. Kid Chocolate and Kid Barraca (with the special and dirty collaboration of Alex Krum) drove people crazy with the hottest and dirtiest show: lost of piss and SM. It was here that people could get one Jalifstudio’s DVD (Folladas a Sako. Vol.4. Dirty fuckers in Barcelona) if they dared to get involved in the show. And, believe me, we run out with the DVDs very fast!

We also gave, as always, many Jalifstudio T-shirts.

We wish lots of success for them. They are good friends and they are always there supporting us.

See you next year

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