Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Last Wednesday the 20th of August 2008 Jalifstudio celebrated his second anniversary at METRO Disco in Barcelona.
I want to thanks all those who came to join us in this very special event. We also want to thanks all the people that could not assist; we know the all were with us in our harts. This is what counts for us!
We appreciate the collaboration of all the magazines and TV channels that were there to cover the event: “Primera Linea” and “Clubcanalla.com”, “Gay Barcelona”, “Nois”, “Zero Magazine” and “Toni Rovira y Tu” TV program.
Thanks a lot to the owner of Metro Disco, Josep Mari Coll, and the public relations, Josep, who were very helpful. We don’t want to forget about all the staff of Metro: they are the best professionals and they are so fucking sexy! And, of course, thanks to Tony Arroyo that is a super show woman.
I don’t want to forget mentioning all our friends that came to be with us after working so hard in their own bars: hugs for all the guys of “Berlin Dark”, “Fistclubbcn.com”, “Boxer” the fetish shop, “Bear Factory”, “Sestienda”, “Zeus”, “Nostromo”, MatinĂ©e Group”, “Martins” and “La Base”. Big kisses for Joan Igual of “Boyberry” and all his staff. This week we finally finished the shooting of our last movie in Boyberry: it’s going to be very dirty and hot. We will keep you informed.
What can we say about our staff? For us, Frank and I Jalif, they are the best! Nacho, our photographer did a great job. Pedro, our camera man, was so fucking busy all nite long. Pics and videos can be seen here.
Macano Torres, Martin Mazza, Giuliano Giusepino and Fabio Costa are great actors: very professional, nice guys and so fucking hot. They were the soul of the party. What else can we ask for? They knew how to rise the temperature before, during and after the live sex show. They were the entire time ready with a smile to be photographed with all the people who wanted to have a pic with them. They also made very good and hot interviews for TV.
We think that the live sex show did not disappoint anyone. People were expecting a very hardcore show (Jalifstudio’s way). The show was a fighting in four rounds. Our dear and famous show woman Baby PinUp was the referee of the battle. She was so kind to make his short appearance in our show. We love her. Thanks a lot for everything. The sex show was getting dirtier and dirtier from the first round to the last one: sucking, fighting, rimming, pissing, sneakers and fucking with no mercy.
After the show there was Jalifstudio Tshirs for everyone, and many DVDs of our last movie “Sneakers and Cocks (Zapas y Pollas), that we were also presenting that night.
To end the nite, those who dared to take the underwear of Macano Torres and Martin Mazza with their own teeth, they could keep our stars underwear.
The disco was so fucking packed ( people were waiting in a long line to get in). We are proud of it.
It was a good chance to say hello to all our friends and to make new ones!
Hugs for all that came to the party, to those that could not come and even for those that did not want to be there.
Haven was underground!
Till the next one!!
Jalifstudio: Frank Romeo and Jalif.

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