Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Saturday 14th of June was celebrated the London Hustlaball for the first time at Area @Depot, located in the gay area of Vauxhall. Jalifstudio was invited to participate as Spanish gay porn producers among other porn people as Chichi LaRue, that introduced the party, and the American porn actors Lukas Ridgeston, Steve Cruz, Ben Andrews, Carlos Morales, the French one Fran├žois Sagat and the English ones Tommy Haine, Cristian Torrrent and Kane Or' Ferrell. Between all of them our actors Macanao, Aitor Crash, Martin Mazza and Alexander Ferrer that were those that brought more color and heat to the party with two live sex shows in the highlights of the evening. The celebration began at 21 hours and people already was queuing there, while our staff was being photographed and interviewed by televisions of different countries that attended to cover the event. Once we finished talking to the press guys we went to the dressing rooms to prepare the performances; while Chichi LaRue brightened up the beginning of the evening playing good music ant the entrance hall. Don’t miss the video of what happened at the dressing room: it was crazy: porn actors, directors, transsexuals, singers, dancers and musicians cheer it up at every moment inside and outside. There were showman Ernesto Tomasini (“The voice in drag”) and the composer and pianist player Othon, trans Adriana, well known Suzie Krueger and porn actor Ben Andrews who was very hot wearing his glasses and suit and necktie. It was impressive to see what he took out of his zip. Was it big? Yes, it was very big! The first show was run by Macanao and Alejandro Ferrer: they rose the temperature very high with a live sex performance at 2,30 a.m. when the club was already jammed with sexy guys. We want to congratulate both of them for being so professional and nice. It was for both the first time that made this type of show and they behaved like champions. Congratulations to Macanao and Alejandro Ferrer! To end their performance they gave t-shirts of Jalifstudio to the audience; and it seems that they pleased much since we could see and photograph to good part of the assistants with our t-shirts on Disc jockeys as the famous Jack Chang made sweat to the rock with their sound underground while the second performance of Jalifstudio, with Aitor Crash and Martin Mazza, was about to to arrive. At 3,30 our boys raised the stage and soon they monopolized everyone attention. There was hard fuck action, boxing, pissing and much fun. People really enjoyed it! After the performances we could be more relaxed and we could take a look at all the rooms. I was not easy to walk: it was totally packed!!. A tide of sexy guys moved without stopping from the dance floors to the bars and, from the toilets to the terrace, which it is the only site where it is possible to smoke. All the posters of our films” Sneakers and Cocks” (Zapas y Pollas) and “Open mind Barcelona. FIST session”, which we had hung in all premises, was disappearing. It seems that people liked them! It was an exhausting and very funny weekend. We had no time to see London, but London had the chance to see us!

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