Thursday, October 21, 2010


Las Saturday the 22nd we celebrated in Martin’s disco a party to collaborate with Stop Sida, a non government organization dedicated to fight against AIDS. There were many exiting live shows like Fran Reyes and the one with our favourite actor Macanao Torres, which was the main attraction of the night. He was there as a representation of Jalifstudio to give our last movie “Massive Cocks at Boyberry (pollones en Boyberry”) to all those who dared to go up on the stage and lick the cream from Macanao’s nipples… as you might know, there was many volunteers…Who can resist eating Macanao?. There was a big party, many sexy man and lots of many dirty situations.
At the second floor of Martin’s disco, near the pool table, there was a special photo call where all the costumers could have a picture with the actors, don’t miss the Photo Gallery to see how fun it was!
From here, we want to thanks all those that assisted the party to collaborate with Stop Sida. We are sure the all had very, very good time.

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